Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each Crystal Kayak weigh?

48 lbs. / 21kg.

Is it a 1-person or 2-person?

Each Crystal Kayak comes with 2 seats and 2 paddles. You can easily convert it to a 1-person arrangement by simply removing a seat

It looks like a canoe?

It’s a kayak/canoe hybrid. It has a flatter bottom than a kayak or canoe and is wider. You paddle with kayak paddles, and it can seat up to 2 people. More storage area and legroom than a traditional kayak.

Would the Crystal Kayak or LED lights attract sharks?

When we were designing the Crystal Kayak, we considered this. We spoke with a Marine Biologist in Florida who confirmed that this is NOT how Sharks hunt. They hunt by sensing food (chum, blood, etc.) in the water. Even the shape of the Crystal Kayak is safer as the transparent body does not resemble any sea life shapes or other animals.

Does the Crystal Kayak tip over easily?

No, they do not. Because of the design, it would take a lot to tip. Getting in and out is easy. After some practice, you can slide overboard to go swimming, snorkeling, or diving. Climbing back in will also not flip the Crystal Kayak.