Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride my CycleBoard without power?

Yes, the CycleBoard free wheels very well so it’s no problem if you run out of battery.

What is the maximum age to ride?

There is none! We have riders in their 60’s, 70’s , 80’s, and even a few in their 90’s. CycleBoarding is for everyone.

What is the minimum age that you recommend for riding?

Although steering the CycleBoard is designed to be easy and intuitive for most riders, our current models can reach faster top speeds and should not be used by children. We have recently added a speed limit feature in the display to assist with speed control but we strongly suggest having adult supervision for riders under the age of 18.

Do I need a license to ride a Cycleboard?

Please review your town’s local rules and laws as each city, state, and country has its own requirements. We also strongly encourage the use of helmets and safety equipment/gear when riding. Although we strongly recommend staying away from highways and highly trafficked areas.

Can I ride in cold/hot weather?

Yes, although riding in extremely cold/hot temperatures can reduce the battery range.

Can I ride on any terrain?

The Elite and Elite Pro models are designed primarily for use on paved areas but can be ridden on light trails as well. The Rover/Golf models are designed for all-terrain use.

What is the best way to clean it?

Wipe it down with a wet cloth and avoid spraying it directly with high pressure.

What maintenance is required to keep it in optimum condition?

Required maintenance items include charging the battery, maintaining proper tire pressure, and bleeding the hydraulic brakes if required.

What type of batteries are being used?

The CycleBoard uses rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery packs built exclusively with 18650 LG cells, very similar to those used in Tesla, which are built to the highest standards of safety and performance.