Frequently Asked Questions

How athletic do I need to be in order to achieve success while foiling?

We have a wide spectrum of first-time foilers. Success is a subjective word; there are guests committed to foiling on their knees, others riding on their belly; if you are committed to standing up and foiling, it may require patience, eye-hand coordination and stability. A 60-minute session is enough for anybody to get hooked on eFoiling.

Is it safe?

With any extreme sport comes a risk factor; however, with the careful training and supervision of our bilingual instructors, we can assure you that you will have the safest experience possible. We take into consideration multiple factors, including but not limited to: water conditions, wind speed and direction as well as the amount of boat traffic in the bay.

How many eFoil boards could be booked at the same time?

We have 5 boards in operation of different sizes, ranging from 6.2 ft down to 4.9 ft long. Larger boards are better suited for beginner foilers.

What is the minimum age required?

Due to the complexity of the activity, the minimum age required is 12 years-old. Previous surfing experience may be considered for younger riders. Parents will be required to sign off participating minors.

What is the maximum weight permitted?

The maximum weight limit is 200Lb or 90Kg. We have other activities that may be better suited for certain participants that do not meet the weight criteria.

What should I expect from my lesson?

Experience the feeling of flying across the water while e-foiling with Cabolectric. Book our 60-minute foil session and you will meet your instructor for your lesson. Your instructor willstart with a brief tutorial of how to operate the board and remote from the beach. You will then move to the water and enjoy the rest of your session learning a new sport.

Can we foil at a different location?

You can foil in our authorized concessioned areas in the Hotel El Ganzo’s premises, located in Puerto Los Cabos, in San Jose del Cabo; and in the Corazon Cabo Resort & Spa’s beach premises, located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, adjacent to Medano Beach.

Could I share my session time with someone else?

Due to the complexity of the sport, you need as much hands-on time as possible using the board.

Therefore, since you are investing on a lifetime experience, we do not permit guests to share their ride time with other participants.

How can I get footage of my experience?

Our instructors will be alongside you the entire session, not only providing instructions, but they will be recording your experience using the latest GoPro 10. All of our videos are shot from multiple angles with 5K footage. Upon prior request, we have professional photography packages available for purchase.

When is the best time to efoil?

Morning sessions are best suited for beginner riders and those looking for calmer conditions. In the afternoon there is heavier boat traffic and increased wind, which creates more challenging conditions.

I am an experienced foiler, why do I need an instructor?

Due to liability reasons, all guests are required to be accompanied by an instructor, regardless of experience level.

I am an experienced foiler, why do I need an instructor?

Due to liability reasons, all guests are required to be accompanied by an instructor, regardless of experience level.

Which physical limitations would prevent me from participating in eFoiling?

Expecting mothers should be refrained from participating, inasmuch as guests with ongoing cardiovascular conditions, osteoporosis, recent surgical procedures, and/or people that are prone to seizures are advised to refrain from engaging in any extreme water-sport.

If I bring my phone, could you record my experience?

Due to liability reasons, we are unable to operate any of your video recording devices while in the water.

How long does the battery last?

A Lift eFoil battery typically has a battery life of up to 2 hours. Our sessions have a total of 60 minutes, and 1 battery will be enough to power your foiling experience. If you would like to purchase back to back sessions, we will be required to return to the beach after 1 hour to switch your board to a fully charged battery.

I have experience with snowboarding, skating, surfing, wakeboarding, skiing…would that help me to ride the eFoil successfully?

Yes and no. EFoiling is a very unique experience that is not comparable to any other board sport.

The experience you bring from other activities will help to motivate you to achieve success while foiling.

Am I able to watch my family/children/friends while they are participating?

Absolutely! We encourage everybody to bring their friends and family to not only participate in our activities but also to spectate. We have a boat that has a maximum capacity of 6 people. This service is not included in the cost of the activity